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Web Applications

The world is moving to web based applications. We transform your current business productivity processes into browser-based applications customized to your specific needs. We are talking about productivity and tracking applications, not necessarily your core application (unless you need customized solutions for those too!).

We also specialize in back end 'engines' for complex applications like real time sale profitability or high volume auctions. Data integration between multiple platforms? No problem.

IBM Domino® and IBM Notes®

We provide maintenance and enhancements to your existing Notes applications. With over 20 years experience going back to version 2.1, we have a deep understanding of the underlying functionality and features of Notes. Whether it is keeping a legacy application going, making small or large tweaks or building new applications, we help you continue to increase your Return On Investment in your applications.

Notes Application Migration to .NET

We can transform your Notes applications to .NET web applications. We specialize in capturing the current functionality and rebuilding it into a new web application for PCs and mobile devices using the latest technologies.